What is a hookah and how is it used?

Hookah originates from India, and its manufacturing process has not changed since then.
Before we give away more details, read what hookah is and why it is so popular.

The History of Hookah

Even though hookah originates from India, it has reached its peak popularity in the Ottoman Empire where it came through Iran. In Turkey it has become a part of cultural heritage and became a common ritual.

In the Balkans, it was introduced by Ottomans during their conquering of the Balkan states. It has become a part of urban culture along with many other Turkish customs.

The Preparation of the Hookah

First, pour a small quantity of water in the bowl at the very bottom of the hookah. There should be just enough water in the bowl to sink the hose which is attached to the bowl.

The hose is the body of the hookah which connects the water bowl with the tip of the oriental pipe.
Ensure there is just enough water in the bowl - if there is too much water it will be too hard to smoke.


The tobacco is put on the top of the hookah, covered with aluminum foil, with hot charcoal placed over it.
The foil is necessary in order to prevent ashes from the charcoal mixing with the tobacco you are smoking.


The Tobacco is the Essence of the Hookah

Hookah tobacco must be wet enough to generate smoothly flowing vapor, so you can enjoy smoking your hookah.


How Do You Smoke a Hookah?

Most people do not know how to use a hookah, and have nobody to ask. This is why we will give you a short explanation.

When you draw air through the hose, the smoke rushes through the bowl, and after getting cooled in the water it evaporates through the hose. It is essential that the water filters out all impurities in the smoke, making it safer to inhale.

Once you are done inhaling, some of the air from the bowl returns back to the charcoal and prevents its from extinguishing. 

The next element is the valve which the majority of hookahs are manufactured with. Its purpose is to regulate the air flow in accordance with your preferences.


Hookah Aromas

10% tobacco, 5% molasses (sugar cane honey), 40% dried fruit

Using hookah has no psychoactive effects. It is a pure hedonistic enjoyment of scented smoke.

Our aromas:

(strawberry, vanilla, banana, mint)

CHARCOAL (made of coconut shell) extra

* you can mix several different flavors at once, until you reach your favorite blend.
If Horus likes your blend, it might become a part of our regular everyday offer.


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